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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year – Part 2

Seahawks fans also have something to feel good about on the defensive side of the ball. Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman are arguably the top two defensive players in the NFL. Either one of these players could receive the Defensive Player of the Year Award.

The Seahawks organization made a great decision when they drafted Thomas as the 14th pick in the 2010 draft. Expectations from Seahawks fans came from comparisons to Ed Reed, the fact that he attended the University of Texas, and was rated as the number 2 safety in the draft. He exceeded expectations and has given Seahawks fans something to cheer about. Thomas will continue to fly around the field making spectacular plays and will keep making the Seahawks defense a nightmare for opposing quarterbacks.

Richard Sherman has a very loud mouth, but he backs up every word and has had a spectacular year. This season he leads the Seahawks, and also the NFL, with 8 interceptions. The Seahawks got a bargain when they selected Sherman in the fifth round of the 2011 draft. Richard Sherman has quickly become a fan favorite and a villain to other teams. Richard Sherman leads the exciting brand of football that the Seahawks defense plays, and will continue to lead the Seahawks for many more years.

Both of these players are very smart, confident and, at times, cocky. But, in every game this year they have backed up all their talk. They have achieved greatness already in their young careers. Thomas and Sherman keep improving every single game, and if they continue to compete and stay healthy, then by the time they are done playing they will be known as the best ever at their positions.

NFC West Champs!!!

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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Yesterday was Christmas, which means a time to be happy, spend time with family and eat delicious food. While we are indulging in chocolate and eggnog, the Seattle Seahawks are preparing for a long postseason run. This is the most wonderful time of the year.

As a Christmas gift, Russell Wilson generously gave all offensive players one of those fancy devices called the Xbox One. This is a great present to ensure that your offensive lineman will keep blocking for you and that your receivers will continue to run good routes. The Seattle Seahawks have done great things so far this year, and a big part of this success is Russell Wilson.

Russell Wilson has accomplished many great things in his first two years in the NFL. Recently, he accomplished the feat of having the most wins as a quarterback in his first two seasons at 23 wins. This broke Ben Roethlisberger’s record at 22. Seattle Seahawks fans are blessed to have a young quarterback that knows how to win and has played very well his first two years. If it wasn’t for Peyton Manning and his unstoppable season, Russell Wilson could very well be the front runner for the MVP. All this guy does is make plays and provide outstanding leadership for a young and talented Seahawks team.

The story that came out after the Seahawks lost a heartbreaker to the Arizona Cardinals was absolutely fantastic. On Monday morning Pete Carroll told ESPN 710 that he went to the practice facility at 4:45 to watch film. But, Russell Wilson beat him there; he had arrived at 4:30 to start watching film on the previous game. This story shows Seahawks fans how dedicated and how competitive both Wilson and Carroll are, and we can expect greatness from this duo in the very near future. Who knows, maybe Russell Wilson will give his teamates and the city of Seattle something even better than a Xbox One, a SuperBowl. Go Hawks!

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10 Seahawks Predictions for Week 16

1. Seahawks win 30 to 13 and win the NFC West.
2. Cliff Avril gets 2 sacks
3. Century Link is gonna be LOUD
4. 12th man forces Cardinals to commit 3 false starts.
5. Marshawn Lynch goes over 100 yards.
6. Zach Miller scores one TOUCHDOWN.
7. Russell Wilson throws for 3 TOUCHDOWNS.
8. Golden Tate returns a punt for a TOUCHDOWN.
9. Bruce Irvin gets a forced fumble sack.
10. Byron Maxwell keeps his interception streak going.

Can the Seahawks Get The “Beast Mode” Going?

Recently the Seattle Seahawks have struggled to get the running game going against their opponents.  Marshawn Lynch hasn’t rushed for over 100 yards and has averaged less then 4.0 yards per carry the past four games.  This is a concern for a Super Bowl bound team, because they depend on the run game, to set up the passing game for Russell Wilson.  The Arizona Cardinals are the number one defense against the run.  Will the Seahawks be able to get Lynch going against a strong Cardinals front seven?  If they are able to, then that will be a big statement to the rest of the NFL.  If the Hawks show that they can run against the Cardinals, then they should be able to run successfully against any team.

Robert Turbin has contributed well this year, but there is still improvement to be made.  The Seahawks Thursday’s injury report noted that he was suffering from a sore groin.  If that continues to bother him, then Seahawks fans may be able to see the rookie Christine Michael in game action.  He is a running back that has a lot of potential, but fans have only been able to see flashes of his talent.  Michael has struggled in pass protection, and that is a big reason why he has been inactive for much of the season.

This upcoming game though, will be a big test for the offensive line.  Will they be able to create big enough holes for Lynch to run through, or is Lynch going to have to go “Beast Mode” and run over numerous defenders.  A key to achieving success against the Cardinals will depend heavily on if the Seahawks can get their running game going.

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Walter Thurmond III

Walter Thurmond III came into the league when he was drafted in the fifth round in the 2010 NFL draft. He is a cornerback who went to the University of Oregon. Some fans know him because of his flashy outfits that he wears to games and has on during post-game interviews. Others know him because of the many injuries that he has battled. Or maybe you have heard of Thurmond because of the 4 game suspension he is serving right now, due to substance abuse. But, Seahawks fans need to turn their attention to Thurmond and realize how talented he is.

Thurmond has dealt with injuries throughout his Seahawks tenure, but this season he has come and played like a pro bowl player. Unfortunately he was suspended 4 games, but will be back for the Seahawks last regular season game. He is still young at age 26 and we should be forgiving of his mistake. He has quickly become a fan favorite, and his contribution in the Legion of Boom has not gone unnoticed. Even with Browner out, Thurmond played at a high level against the Minnesota Vikings and scored a TD after intercepting a pass in the second half. He has come up in big games and made plays in pass coverage and also has providing excellent tackling when defending the run.

It is quite impressive that he is playing at such a high level considering the injuries that he has had to come back from. In Oregon he had torn three ligaments in his knee and then once he got to Seattle he was put on injured reserve with a broken fibula and high ankle sprain. But, he didn’t give up and the Seahawks organization stuck with him. You can see right away from a post-game interview with Thurmond is that he is a very confident individual, but also a polite and classy person.

Once the Seahawks get Thurmond back from his suspension he is going to be ready to go. Having Richard Sherman, Byron Maxwell and Jeremy Lane playing at a high level, Thurmond will be able to step right back and excel at the nickel spot. Watch out for him as we enter the playoffs, he will come back with a chip on his shoulder and play at a high level. Go Hawks!

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Russell Wilson is Everything Seattle Needed

When the Seattle Seahawks drafted Russell Wilson in the third round, most Hawk fans wouldn’t say they were absolutely convinced or confident with this draft pick.  The topic on the minds of so called “draft experts” was that he was too short in stature.  But, as we have learned over the past 4 years, Pete Carroll and John Schneider have a plan and know what they’re doing.  After the draft, though, I already had put Wilson as an afterthought and focused on how Matt Flynn was going to bring us to the promise land.

When Russell Wilson was named the starter, I was surprised but excited after seeing him play in the preseason.  I was able to go to his first regular season game in Arizona; this is a game that he played like an average rookie.  This makes sense though, because he was only working with half the playbook.  As the year progressed he improved rapidly and became a fan favorite.   Pete Carroll opened up the whole playbook for Wilson and let him go.  He was a rookie player that was able to capture the city’s heart in only a couple of months.   I even got his jersey at Christmas and I’m sure that item sold quickly at the Seahawks Pro Shop during Christmas time.

Now it’s year two and he hasn’t just left off where he was, but he has improved even more, he has helped Golden Tate, Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse have career seasons.   As of now the Seahawks are 12-2 and that is in big part due to the excellence and consistency that Wilson has shown. He has a command on this offense and it is sure fun to watch him scramble out of a sack and make a play.  Pete Carroll loves him and he is grateful to finally have a franchise quarterback that has the potential to lead his team to the Super Bowl.

Besides the great stats, Wilson is a great leader and role model.  Every Tuesday he visits the Seattle Children’s Hospital to show them love and put a smile on their faces.  He is someone that both kids and adults can look up to.  He works so hard at what he does, but still puts God and family in front of everything else.  He takes life day by day and realizes the importance of having a championship day and week in order to be successful your entire life.

The Seahawks had struggled for many years prior to Wilson coming to Seattle.  It is a blessing to have Russell Wilson in a Seahawks jersey.  We know that when he steps onto the field on a Thursday, Sunday or Monday that he will play to the best of his ability.  Fans can trust that he has watched a ton of film and worked his butt off in order to be the best ever.  And, we can be proud that he lives in Seattle and represents the Seahawks in a way that all athletes across the world can take note of.

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Will the Seattle Seahawks 2013/2014 defense go down as the best in history?

If you have followed the Seahawks this season, then you would hear the statement that they want to be the best ever. Russell Wilson wants to be the best quarterback to ever play. Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman want to be perfect in everything they do. Perfection is what they search for, but that is what makes this team and defense special.

A great defense starts upfront with the defense line. With the free agent upgrades of Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett the defense has been even better than last year. Chris Clemons has come back from his ACL injury quite nicely and is still contributing well at the age of 32. The inside has been very productive from many different players. Tony McDaniel and Brandon Mebane have led the charge inside. Clinton McDonald has been a pleasant surprise as well. After being cut earlier in the year and then being resigned, he came back with a chip on his shoulder and has had the best year of his career. With these three players being so productive and Bennett being able to play inside as well as outside, Jordan Hill has been able to come through this season slowly and has been inactive for more than half the games. But, when he has been in games has played very well for a rookie.

Now we move to the youthful and athletic linebackers that the Seahawks have. Going into his second year, Bobby Wagner has left off where he finished off in his rookie year. He leads this group of talented linebackers. KJ Wright has been playing amazing and showed off his talents by shutting down Jimmy Graham and Darren Sproles in the blowout win vs the Saints. Bruce Irvin has played well as the LEO end and outside linebacker position. The productivity isn’t noticed in the stats, but he has played solid both on the run and the pass. Providing excellent depth is Malcom Smith, Heath Farwell and O’Brien Schofield. Especially with KJ Wright out for 4-6 weeks with a broken bone in his foot, Smith has stepped up to the challenge and has not missed a beat. Farwell has been excellent on special teams, as well as Schofield.

And finally the flashiest and most well-known position group all across the NFL is the secondary, also known as the L.O.B (Legion of Boom). This is of course led by the vocal Richard Sherman and the arguably best free safety in the league Earl Thomas. It is then complimented by the hard hitting safety Kam Chancellor. On the other side of the cornerback position, Brandon Browner, now injured and facing suspension has become the forgotten man with Byron Maxwell playing so well. The depth in the LOB is very strong. Walter Thurmond and Jeremy Lane do not miss a beat when they get on the field. At safety replacing Jeron Johnson who has battled hamstring problems this year is Deshawn Shead and on the other side is Chris Maragos. The second string is noticeable in special teams providing great kick and punt coverage. In fact the Seahawks have only allowed 19 punt return yards this entire season.

So the question is asked and will be continued to be asked. Is this the best defense in NFL history? I would have to say no, not yet. A Superbowl would help the argument and a special season next year would help this case. But, excellence needs to be continued throughout many years. And with the caliber of the starters and the deep depth at each position it is possible that in a few years this defense could be something that is written down in the history books as the best ever. But, as of now let’s enjoy watching this defense dominate and frustrate opposing offenses as they try to lead this team to a Super Bowl.

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