Russell Wilson is Everything Seattle Needed

When the Seattle Seahawks drafted Russell Wilson in the third round, most Hawk fans wouldn’t say they were absolutely convinced or confident with this draft pick.  The topic on the minds of so called “draft experts” was that he was too short in stature.  But, as we have learned over the past 4 years, Pete Carroll and John Schneider have a plan and know what they’re doing.  After the draft, though, I already had put Wilson as an afterthought and focused on how Matt Flynn was going to bring us to the promise land.

When Russell Wilson was named the starter, I was surprised but excited after seeing him play in the preseason.  I was able to go to his first regular season game in Arizona; this is a game that he played like an average rookie.  This makes sense though, because he was only working with half the playbook.  As the year progressed he improved rapidly and became a fan favorite.   Pete Carroll opened up the whole playbook for Wilson and let him go.  He was a rookie player that was able to capture the city’s heart in only a couple of months.   I even got his jersey at Christmas and I’m sure that item sold quickly at the Seahawks Pro Shop during Christmas time.

Now it’s year two and he hasn’t just left off where he was, but he has improved even more, he has helped Golden Tate, Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse have career seasons.   As of now the Seahawks are 12-2 and that is in big part due to the excellence and consistency that Wilson has shown. He has a command on this offense and it is sure fun to watch him scramble out of a sack and make a play.  Pete Carroll loves him and he is grateful to finally have a franchise quarterback that has the potential to lead his team to the Super Bowl.

Besides the great stats, Wilson is a great leader and role model.  Every Tuesday he visits the Seattle Children’s Hospital to show them love and put a smile on their faces.  He is someone that both kids and adults can look up to.  He works so hard at what he does, but still puts God and family in front of everything else.  He takes life day by day and realizes the importance of having a championship day and week in order to be successful your entire life.

The Seahawks had struggled for many years prior to Wilson coming to Seattle.  It is a blessing to have Russell Wilson in a Seahawks jersey.  We know that when he steps onto the field on a Thursday, Sunday or Monday that he will play to the best of his ability.  Fans can trust that he has watched a ton of film and worked his butt off in order to be the best ever.  And, we can be proud that he lives in Seattle and represents the Seahawks in a way that all athletes across the world can take note of.

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