The Impact of Percy Harvin in 2013/2014

When the decision was announced that the Seattle Seahawks traded for Percy Harvin, Seattle Seahawks fans were excited.  But, the one thing that worried the fans was that Harvin had an injury past.  To put those worries away, all a fan needed to do was search on YouTube Percy Harvin highlights and imagine the impact that he was going to have this year for the Seahawks. 

But, that injury bug decided to bite him again.  Harvin, as most Seahawks fans know by now had to get major surgery for his hip.  And all looked promising as the Hawks were going to get him to play against Minnesota and for the rest of the season.  And better yet then, was that the Seahawks were winning without him.  Doug Baldwin, Golden Tate and Jermaine Kearse were stepping up and contributing.  But, still Seahawks fans were excited for his debut against his former team.  And I think most Seahawks fans would agree that, that game did not disappoint.  In fact Hawks fans were drooling with excitement over the impact that Harvin had and was going to have for the rest of the season. 

The only thing is that we haven’t seen him since.  But, the Seahawks continue to win and be the best team in the NFL.  Baldwin, Tate and Kearse are all having career seasons and though they would never admit to it, Percy Harvin’s presence has giving them motivation to play at their best, so that when Harvin comes back they won’t lose playing time.  It is a when we see Percy Harvin, not if.  It just might not be this season.  Although the Hawks have played great, what would Harvin’s impact be if we had him for the past few games and what will he mean to this team if he is here for the playoff run?  A player like Harvin makes a great team even better.  Other teams have to gameplay against him.  This gives Baldwin, Tate, and Kearse more room to work with.   That would be a dream come true for the fans and the Seahawks organization and a nightmare for opposing teams. 

What are the chances we see him?  Well he looked great against the Vikings and then it went downhill from there.  My guess is that the Seahawks decided that after soreness, they needed to be more conservative in their approach in bringing him back.  Especially with the team winning.  Harvin is a competitor though, and wouldn’t sit if he didn’t have to.  My prediction is that we see him in the playoffs.  He will be practicing during the bye week and good to go for the playoffs.  This is something that could push the Hawks over the hump against teams like the Niners and Panthers.  Teams that have a great defense. 

Anyways, until we see this all-star remember that we have capable WRs that play with a chip on their shoulder and are sure enjoyable to watch and cheer for.  But while we wait for Harvin, look up his highlights on YouTube and remember that we have this player hopefully for the playoffs.  Go Hawks!


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