Can the Seahawks Get The “Beast Mode” Going?

Recently the Seattle Seahawks have struggled to get the running game going against their opponents.  Marshawn Lynch hasn’t rushed for over 100 yards and has averaged less then 4.0 yards per carry the past four games.  This is a concern for a Super Bowl bound team, because they depend on the run game, to set up the passing game for Russell Wilson.  The Arizona Cardinals are the number one defense against the run.  Will the Seahawks be able to get Lynch going against a strong Cardinals front seven?  If they are able to, then that will be a big statement to the rest of the NFL.  If the Hawks show that they can run against the Cardinals, then they should be able to run successfully against any team.

Robert Turbin has contributed well this year, but there is still improvement to be made.  The Seahawks Thursday’s injury report noted that he was suffering from a sore groin.  If that continues to bother him, then Seahawks fans may be able to see the rookie Christine Michael in game action.  He is a running back that has a lot of potential, but fans have only been able to see flashes of his talent.  Michael has struggled in pass protection, and that is a big reason why he has been inactive for much of the season.

This upcoming game though, will be a big test for the offensive line.  Will they be able to create big enough holes for Lynch to run through, or is Lynch going to have to go “Beast Mode” and run over numerous defenders.  A key to achieving success against the Cardinals will depend heavily on if the Seahawks can get their running game going.

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