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12 thoughts on the Seahawks Offseason

1. Re-signing Michael Bennett was Huge. He even took a bit less money to play for the Seahawks, and one of the main reasons was the 12th Man.

2. It’s sad to see Golden Tate leave and play for a different team. He did so much for the Seahawks. But, the Seahawks can’t afford to pay Tate big money. Especially given the fact that the Seahawks are a run first team. If Percy Harvin can stay healthy, this loss should not be a problem next year.

3. If Sidney Rice re-signs, then I think the Seahawks are set at WR. I don’t think they would need to draft a WR. I think the WR’s will have some serious competition come Training Camp. Lots of depth.

4. Henry Melton (Rated the #2 Free Agent at the DT position) is visiting the Seahawks. This would be a huge addition for the defense. Vance Walker DT is also visiting the Seahawks. He started for the Raiders last year.

5. Jermichael Finley would help stretch the defense and would give Russell Wilson a receiving TE. It would be nice to be able to keep Miller. Might have to restructure Zach Miller’s contract for that to happen.

6. We could use a veteran DE to replace Chris Clemons. Maybe Jared Allen. But, don’t forget that Bruce Irvin could be playing a lot of the DE/LEO position.

7. O’Brien Schofield’s contract didn’t work out with the Giants because of a failed physical. It would be great if the Seahawks could bring him back. Good special teams player and can also rush the passer.

8. Re-signing Tavaris Jackson was big. One of the best backup QB’s in the league. If RW ever goes down, Jackson can step up and play without losing too much.

9. Watch for these 12 players to have breakout seasons for the Seahawks next year: Gregg Scruggs, Jordan Hill, Bruce Irvin, DeShawn Shead, Benson Mayowa, Christine Michael, James Carpenter, JR Sweezy, Ricardo Lockette, Taylor Price, Chris Mathews, Michael Bowie

10. Adam Schefter and Ian Rapoport know everything about the NFL and Free Agency.

11. It would be nice if we can sign Doug Baldwin long term.

12. In Pete and John we trust. They have a plan that will make sense in a few weeks. I think they will be able to sign a few players for good prices. Players want to play for Pete Carroll and will take a bit less money to get a great opportunity to get a SB ring. Watch for a DT, WR and possibly a DE to get signed in the next couple weeks.

Go Hawks!

O’Brien Schofield- An Unsung Hero

The Seattle Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl! That sounds so good. It has been a complete team effort the whole entire season and it has been great to see the Seahawks players make it so far. One particular player that I want you to take note of is outside linebacker O’Brien Schofield.

Schofield has played a big part in the Seattle Seahawks season. O’Brien went to school at the University of Wisconsin and was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals in the 4th round of the 2010 NFL draft. Schofield became a starter for the Cardinals in the 2012 season. But, to the Seahawks surprise he was released by the Arizona Cardinals on July 25, 2013. The Seahawks knew the talent that Schofield had and didn’t waste any time; they claimed him off waivers on July 27, 2013.

In preseason he impressed many with his athleticism when rushing the quarterback. A point of emphasis for the Seahawks in the offseason was improving the defensive line. More specifically, the Seahawks needed a better pass rush. Schofield was exactly what the Seattle Seahawks were looking for.

In the regular season, Schofield started 2 games and has had 1 very nice sack against Cam Newton. But, his real impact has come on special teams. Having someone as athletic and skilled as Schofield is important to have on the special teams unit, and is a reason why the Seattle Seahawks are such a complete team.

Schofield is also one of the more positive people I have heard on the team. On they have a program called “All Access” where you can hear the players before and during the game. Schofield is a regular on the show, talking before the game, showing that he has the positive energy and passion that Pete Carroll wants.

In my opinion he could start on any other team, but this season the Seahawks have been fortunate to have someone like O’Brien to provide the excellent depth. Unfortunately, with the amazing talent on this Seahawks team, Schofield was inactive against the 49ers. As we inch closer to the Super Bowl, Seahawks fans can count on Schofield working his butt off in order to make it on the field. And, if that isn’t meant to be, we can still count on him to be on the sideline giving his team energy by his positive attitude and his passion for the game. I wish O’Brien Schofield the best, and I hope that he continues to play in a Seattle Seahawks uniform for many years to come. Go Hawks!

Kam Chancellor’s Rise to Greatness

Kam Chancellor is a special player for the Seattle Seahawks and has already achieved greatness in his young career. Seahawks fans have become accustomed to seeing the big safety deliver huge hits against his opponents. He also has provided great pass coverage and even though his interception numbers are lower than those of Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas, he is just as valuable. If you haven’t heard much of Chancellor, then it is time to take notice and appreciate the big time player that he is to the Seattle Seahawks organization.

In college at Virginia Tech, he switched positions many different times. He started playing quarterback, then moved to cornerback, and eventually found his true calling at free safety. Well almost, he now plays strong safety for the Seattle Seahawks. Clearly, Chancellor has a special talent and is a hard worker that can do whatever his coach asks of him and does it well.

When the Seattle Seahawks drafted Kam Chancellor, they picked up a physical, hard hitting safety. But at that time, that was about all he could do. Over the years though, he has developed into a player that can shut down receivers just as good as he can make a highlight reel hit. Chancellor has also become a team leader. He leads the Legion of Boom pregame talks and puts his teammates first, which is demonstrated by his motto, “play for your brothers.” Kam is a classy person and takes his job seriously, his fashion is off the chart and he answers questions in interviews with respect and insightful answers.

Kam Chancellor is now a pro bowl talent and leads the NFC West Champion Seahawks every time they take the field. Recently Chancellor was named a 2nd team all pro and he definitely deserves this award. He came into the league as an afterthought when drafted only in the 5th round. Everyone, except the Seahawks organization would rate the similarly built USC safety Taylor Mays way ahead of Chancellor. But, now Mays, who is playing for the Bengals is the forgotten one, and Chancellor on the other hand, has risen to the top of his position. This example shows the hard work that Kam has put in over the years, in order to be great.

Last offseason the Seattle Seahawks signed Chancellor to a 5 year extension worth up to 34 million. He earned that extension and Hawks fans should be ecstatic that he will be with the team for many years to come. Chancellor will be leading this Seahawks team, hopefully to 3 more wins this season, resulting in a Super Bowl win. But, regardless where the Hawks finish, fans can be confident that this hard hitting safety will be around Seattle for many years to come and will continue to lead the defense with excellent pass coverage and of course his bone crushing hits.

Gonna be writing about a Seattle Seahawks player every day leading up to Saturday. Learn more about this Seahawks team!

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Russell Wilson is Everything Seattle Needed

When the Seattle Seahawks drafted Russell Wilson in the third round, most Hawk fans wouldn’t say they were absolutely convinced or confident with this draft pick.  The topic on the minds of so called “draft experts” was that he was too short in stature.  But, as we have learned over the past 4 years, Pete Carroll and John Schneider have a plan and know what they’re doing.  After the draft, though, I already had put Wilson as an afterthought and focused on how Matt Flynn was going to bring us to the promise land.

When Russell Wilson was named the starter, I was surprised but excited after seeing him play in the preseason.  I was able to go to his first regular season game in Arizona; this is a game that he played like an average rookie.  This makes sense though, because he was only working with half the playbook.  As the year progressed he improved rapidly and became a fan favorite.   Pete Carroll opened up the whole playbook for Wilson and let him go.  He was a rookie player that was able to capture the city’s heart in only a couple of months.   I even got his jersey at Christmas and I’m sure that item sold quickly at the Seahawks Pro Shop during Christmas time.

Now it’s year two and he hasn’t just left off where he was, but he has improved even more, he has helped Golden Tate, Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse have career seasons.   As of now the Seahawks are 12-2 and that is in big part due to the excellence and consistency that Wilson has shown. He has a command on this offense and it is sure fun to watch him scramble out of a sack and make a play.  Pete Carroll loves him and he is grateful to finally have a franchise quarterback that has the potential to lead his team to the Super Bowl.

Besides the great stats, Wilson is a great leader and role model.  Every Tuesday he visits the Seattle Children’s Hospital to show them love and put a smile on their faces.  He is someone that both kids and adults can look up to.  He works so hard at what he does, but still puts God and family in front of everything else.  He takes life day by day and realizes the importance of having a championship day and week in order to be successful your entire life.

The Seahawks had struggled for many years prior to Wilson coming to Seattle.  It is a blessing to have Russell Wilson in a Seahawks jersey.  We know that when he steps onto the field on a Thursday, Sunday or Monday that he will play to the best of his ability.  Fans can trust that he has watched a ton of film and worked his butt off in order to be the best ever.  And, we can be proud that he lives in Seattle and represents the Seahawks in a way that all athletes across the world can take note of.

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Will the Seattle Seahawks 2013/2014 defense go down as the best in history?

If you have followed the Seahawks this season, then you would hear the statement that they want to be the best ever. Russell Wilson wants to be the best quarterback to ever play. Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman want to be perfect in everything they do. Perfection is what they search for, but that is what makes this team and defense special.

A great defense starts upfront with the defense line. With the free agent upgrades of Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett the defense has been even better than last year. Chris Clemons has come back from his ACL injury quite nicely and is still contributing well at the age of 32. The inside has been very productive from many different players. Tony McDaniel and Brandon Mebane have led the charge inside. Clinton McDonald has been a pleasant surprise as well. After being cut earlier in the year and then being resigned, he came back with a chip on his shoulder and has had the best year of his career. With these three players being so productive and Bennett being able to play inside as well as outside, Jordan Hill has been able to come through this season slowly and has been inactive for more than half the games. But, when he has been in games has played very well for a rookie.

Now we move to the youthful and athletic linebackers that the Seahawks have. Going into his second year, Bobby Wagner has left off where he finished off in his rookie year. He leads this group of talented linebackers. KJ Wright has been playing amazing and showed off his talents by shutting down Jimmy Graham and Darren Sproles in the blowout win vs the Saints. Bruce Irvin has played well as the LEO end and outside linebacker position. The productivity isn’t noticed in the stats, but he has played solid both on the run and the pass. Providing excellent depth is Malcom Smith, Heath Farwell and O’Brien Schofield. Especially with KJ Wright out for 4-6 weeks with a broken bone in his foot, Smith has stepped up to the challenge and has not missed a beat. Farwell has been excellent on special teams, as well as Schofield.

And finally the flashiest and most well-known position group all across the NFL is the secondary, also known as the L.O.B (Legion of Boom). This is of course led by the vocal Richard Sherman and the arguably best free safety in the league Earl Thomas. It is then complimented by the hard hitting safety Kam Chancellor. On the other side of the cornerback position, Brandon Browner, now injured and facing suspension has become the forgotten man with Byron Maxwell playing so well. The depth in the LOB is very strong. Walter Thurmond and Jeremy Lane do not miss a beat when they get on the field. At safety replacing Jeron Johnson who has battled hamstring problems this year is Deshawn Shead and on the other side is Chris Maragos. The second string is noticeable in special teams providing great kick and punt coverage. In fact the Seahawks have only allowed 19 punt return yards this entire season.

So the question is asked and will be continued to be asked. Is this the best defense in NFL history? I would have to say no, not yet. A Superbowl would help the argument and a special season next year would help this case. But, excellence needs to be continued throughout many years. And with the caliber of the starters and the deep depth at each position it is possible that in a few years this defense could be something that is written down in the history books as the best ever. But, as of now let’s enjoy watching this defense dominate and frustrate opposing offenses as they try to lead this team to a Super Bowl.

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The Impact of Percy Harvin in 2013/2014

When the decision was announced that the Seattle Seahawks traded for Percy Harvin, Seattle Seahawks fans were excited.  But, the one thing that worried the fans was that Harvin had an injury past.  To put those worries away, all a fan needed to do was search on YouTube Percy Harvin highlights and imagine the impact that he was going to have this year for the Seahawks. 

But, that injury bug decided to bite him again.  Harvin, as most Seahawks fans know by now had to get major surgery for his hip.  And all looked promising as the Hawks were going to get him to play against Minnesota and for the rest of the season.  And better yet then, was that the Seahawks were winning without him.  Doug Baldwin, Golden Tate and Jermaine Kearse were stepping up and contributing.  But, still Seahawks fans were excited for his debut against his former team.  And I think most Seahawks fans would agree that, that game did not disappoint.  In fact Hawks fans were drooling with excitement over the impact that Harvin had and was going to have for the rest of the season. 

The only thing is that we haven’t seen him since.  But, the Seahawks continue to win and be the best team in the NFL.  Baldwin, Tate and Kearse are all having career seasons and though they would never admit to it, Percy Harvin’s presence has giving them motivation to play at their best, so that when Harvin comes back they won’t lose playing time.  It is a when we see Percy Harvin, not if.  It just might not be this season.  Although the Hawks have played great, what would Harvin’s impact be if we had him for the past few games and what will he mean to this team if he is here for the playoff run?  A player like Harvin makes a great team even better.  Other teams have to gameplay against him.  This gives Baldwin, Tate, and Kearse more room to work with.   That would be a dream come true for the fans and the Seahawks organization and a nightmare for opposing teams. 

What are the chances we see him?  Well he looked great against the Vikings and then it went downhill from there.  My guess is that the Seahawks decided that after soreness, they needed to be more conservative in their approach in bringing him back.  Especially with the team winning.  Harvin is a competitor though, and wouldn’t sit if he didn’t have to.  My prediction is that we see him in the playoffs.  He will be practicing during the bye week and good to go for the playoffs.  This is something that could push the Hawks over the hump against teams like the Niners and Panthers.  Teams that have a great defense. 

Anyways, until we see this all-star remember that we have capable WRs that play with a chip on their shoulder and are sure enjoyable to watch and cheer for.  But while we wait for Harvin, look up his highlights on YouTube and remember that we have this player hopefully for the playoffs.  Go Hawks!