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O’Brien Schofield- An Unsung Hero

The Seattle Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl! That sounds so good. It has been a complete team effort the whole entire season and it has been great to see the Seahawks players make it so far. One particular player that I want you to take note of is outside linebacker O’Brien Schofield.

Schofield has played a big part in the Seattle Seahawks season. O’Brien went to school at the University of Wisconsin and was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals in the 4th round of the 2010 NFL draft. Schofield became a starter for the Cardinals in the 2012 season. But, to the Seahawks surprise he was released by the Arizona Cardinals on July 25, 2013. The Seahawks knew the talent that Schofield had and didn’t waste any time; they claimed him off waivers on July 27, 2013.

In preseason he impressed many with his athleticism when rushing the quarterback. A point of emphasis for the Seahawks in the offseason was improving the defensive line. More specifically, the Seahawks needed a better pass rush. Schofield was exactly what the Seattle Seahawks were looking for.

In the regular season, Schofield started 2 games and has had 1 very nice sack against Cam Newton. But, his real impact has come on special teams. Having someone as athletic and skilled as Schofield is important to have on the special teams unit, and is a reason why the Seattle Seahawks are such a complete team.

Schofield is also one of the more positive people I have heard on the team. On Seahawks.com they have a program called “All Access” where you can hear the players before and during the game. Schofield is a regular on the show, talking before the game, showing that he has the positive energy and passion that Pete Carroll wants.

In my opinion he could start on any other team, but this season the Seahawks have been fortunate to have someone like O’Brien to provide the excellent depth. Unfortunately, with the amazing talent on this Seahawks team, Schofield was inactive against the 49ers. As we inch closer to the Super Bowl, Seahawks fans can count on Schofield working his butt off in order to make it on the field. And, if that isn’t meant to be, we can still count on him to be on the sideline giving his team energy by his positive attitude and his passion for the game. I wish O’Brien Schofield the best, and I hope that he continues to play in a Seattle Seahawks uniform for many years to come. Go Hawks!

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Yesterday was Christmas, which means a time to be happy, spend time with family and eat delicious food. While we are indulging in chocolate and eggnog, the Seattle Seahawks are preparing for a long postseason run. This is the most wonderful time of the year.

As a Christmas gift, Russell Wilson generously gave all offensive players one of those fancy devices called the Xbox One. This is a great present to ensure that your offensive lineman will keep blocking for you and that your receivers will continue to run good routes. The Seattle Seahawks have done great things so far this year, and a big part of this success is Russell Wilson.

Russell Wilson has accomplished many great things in his first two years in the NFL. Recently, he accomplished the feat of having the most wins as a quarterback in his first two seasons at 23 wins. This broke Ben Roethlisberger’s record at 22. Seattle Seahawks fans are blessed to have a young quarterback that knows how to win and has played very well his first two years. If it wasn’t for Peyton Manning and his unstoppable season, Russell Wilson could very well be the front runner for the MVP. All this guy does is make plays and provide outstanding leadership for a young and talented Seahawks team.

The story that came out after the Seahawks lost a heartbreaker to the Arizona Cardinals was absolutely fantastic. On Monday morning Pete Carroll told ESPN 710 that he went to the practice facility at 4:45 to watch film. But, Russell Wilson beat him there; he had arrived at 4:30 to start watching film on the previous game. This story shows Seahawks fans how dedicated and how competitive both Wilson and Carroll are, and we can expect greatness from this duo in the very near future. Who knows, maybe Russell Wilson will give his teamates and the city of Seattle something even better than a Xbox One, a SuperBowl. Go Hawks!

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10 Seahawks Predictions for Week 16

1. Seahawks win 30 to 13 and win the NFC West.
2. Cliff Avril gets 2 sacks
3. Century Link is gonna be LOUD
4. 12th man forces Cardinals to commit 3 false starts.
5. Marshawn Lynch goes over 100 yards.
6. Zach Miller scores one TOUCHDOWN.
7. Russell Wilson throws for 3 TOUCHDOWNS.
8. Golden Tate returns a punt for a TOUCHDOWN.
9. Bruce Irvin gets a forced fumble sack.
10. Byron Maxwell keeps his interception streak going.

Can the Seahawks Get The “Beast Mode” Going?

Recently the Seattle Seahawks have struggled to get the running game going against their opponents.  Marshawn Lynch hasn’t rushed for over 100 yards and has averaged less then 4.0 yards per carry the past four games.  This is a concern for a Super Bowl bound team, because they depend on the run game, to set up the passing game for Russell Wilson.  The Arizona Cardinals are the number one defense against the run.  Will the Seahawks be able to get Lynch going against a strong Cardinals front seven?  If they are able to, then that will be a big statement to the rest of the NFL.  If the Hawks show that they can run against the Cardinals, then they should be able to run successfully against any team.

Robert Turbin has contributed well this year, but there is still improvement to be made.  The Seahawks Thursday’s injury report noted that he was suffering from a sore groin.  If that continues to bother him, then Seahawks fans may be able to see the rookie Christine Michael in game action.  He is a running back that has a lot of potential, but fans have only been able to see flashes of his talent.  Michael has struggled in pass protection, and that is a big reason why he has been inactive for much of the season.

This upcoming game though, will be a big test for the offensive line.  Will they be able to create big enough holes for Lynch to run through, or is Lynch going to have to go “Beast Mode” and run over numerous defenders.  A key to achieving success against the Cardinals will depend heavily on if the Seahawks can get their running game going.

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